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Charme Hotel Alexander is a completely revamped resort which offers a wide-open view of the Livigno landscape. In this accommodation, the guests should expect the finest standards among the hotels in Livigno Italy. This hotel combines the most charming character of Italy with the countryside unique appeal of the Alps. Among the most desired features in Livigno hotels, the quality is at the top. The lifelong experience that visitors enjoy at this hotel is uncontested in any season of the year. The strong points of this accommodation are the Strategic 150-meters distance from the ski lift at Teola, summer alpine excursions options, a wide range of wellness & spa services 24/7, 4-star category facilities that stands out among the Livigno hotels.

The warm inner spaces will cheer you up even in the coldest nights. There are elegant rooms, a large reception area, a restaurant, and an aesthetic lounge which evokes the modern Italian style. The most common materials for the interiors are the wood, marble, tiles and bronze brass. A special feel of opulence results as the output of the combinations of those selected elements.

The rooms and suites have views of the surrounding Alps mountains in Livigno. The interiors of the rooms are well-appointed with leather, suede furnishings, and high-tech amenities.
Inside the Charme Hotel Alexander facilities, times goes by at a different pace than outdoors; you may lose track of the clock ticking. The perfect wellness hotel Livigno service is located in this resort, featuring: a private setting, spa and wellness center and a full range of services.
Those who are looking for a weekend getaway in any season should consider booking Livigno hotel in advance so as to enjoy the beauty of the location at the desired date.
This spot in the Lombardy region is a refuge from the busy life of all the large nearby bustling cities, such as St Moritz. The Livigno village has some unique characteristics worth noting: a duty-free tax status, destination for luxury goods shopping, ski vacation, and a summer holiday or shopping retreat all-in-one destination. The Charme Hotel Alexander is clearly one of the top choices among hotels Livigno Italy. These are some additional services that are accessible for our guests: biking, climbing, trekking in summer and the Livigno world-class alpine skiing in winter. Booking hotel Livigno is now easier than ever! All you need to do is check out our page.

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